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About SchoolRoof

SchoolRoof brings all online education programs in Canada to a single platform so the students, working professionals, or anybody who wants to educate himself or herself, can access the program of their interest.

Education around the world is transforming. Many schools around the world don’t have the opportunity to access world-class education that Canada has that creates curiosity, critical thinking and bringing benefits to Canada by selling high school, college, and university courses to international students charging them for their online learning courses. Online learning is often suggested as a means for improving educational outcomes, expanding access at lower costs than conventional approaches or allowing talented teachers to focus on what they do best by automating or offloading more routine tasks. Online learning environments can also offer multiple mechanisms to provide rich feedback and communication about student performance. Due to the flexibility provided by e-learning each individual can take part in the educational process from any corner of the world with a computer and an internet connection. While a large number of countries have made significant progress in their provision of basic education to all citizens, there are still too many people – often living in remote areas – who can’t access education. This makes the entire process easier and helps to avoid problems where the course will take place. Modern technology enables instructors to develop new ways to teach students online in the ways that are much more effective than face-to-face classes. The industry is shifting and the online education market has already been established by thought-leaders taking charge in the tension within the education space. Only online education has the ability to scale to the overwhelming demand of students and professionals around the world. While online learning will be more expensive in the short term, it will be cheaper in the long term, and second, educational institutions will realize some savings by offering courses online.

It would not be wrong to say that it is a system preferred by more working professionals for distance university education. The students will have the opportunity to go one step ahead in the career race by enrolling in institutions providing distance university education in many countries of the world especially for MBA, marketing, human resources and IT programs.

In today’s world, where distance education has become widespread, employers are now based on diploma, foreign language level and various professional qualification certificates, regardless of whether the student is attending formal education at a university. For this reason, while developing yourself according to the developing technology and growing business fields, people can take advantage of distance education to take the top levels in career competition. Especially the international diplomas will have a positive effect on the employers’ ability to advance in computers and programs, to follow innovations on the internet and to interact with different audiences globally.

SchoolRoof is an education platform where you can find all online courses in Canada that offers diploma, degree, or certificate programs for the students or professionals. Distance education is extremely necessary for those who do not have traditional education opportunities, such as employees, students who are widely spread, people with physical disabilities, people who want to improve themselves. The process of technological progress, rapid production and sharing of information has brought up the concept of “lifelong learning”. Everyone who can access technology continues their learning life including grandparents. Distance education is important for everyone, it ensures equal opportunities in education; Anyone can benefit from distance education such as children, youth, disabled people, those who cannot go to school because they work, those who cannot go to school due to geographical reasons, and who want to improve themselves on various subjects. Providing students with the opportunity to study at top quality universities is one of the opportunities that cannot be realized in the traditional education system.