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SchoolRoof is an education platform which helps people to find all online courses in Canada that offers diploma, degree, or certificate programs for the students or professionals. Distance education is extremely necessary for those who do not have traditional education opportunities, such as employees, students who are widely spread, people with physical disabilities, people who want to improve themselves. The process of technological progress, rapid production and sharing of information has brought up the concept of “lifelong learning”. Everyone who can access technology continues their learning life including grandparents. Distance education is important for everyone, it ensures equal opportunities in education. Anyone can benefit from distance education such as children, youth, disabled people, those who cannot go to school because they work, those who cannot go to school due to geographical reasons, and who want to improve themselves on various subjects. Providing students with the opportunity to study at top quality universities is one of the opportunities that cannot be realized in the traditional education system

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We provide multiple educational services.

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We offer online courses from the top universities and schools.

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We provide certificates.

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We help with university enrollments.

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